[Arrows] Move.
[Up] Enter Portal or Door.
[Space] Jump/SWim.
[Shift] Run.
[E] Walk very slow.

[H] To get a butterfly on your back (To fly).

[B] Set Toopy's Ball.
[N] Throw Toopy's Ball.

[U] Choose an Element.
[I] Blow an Element.

[Enter] Talk/Throw Freesbies or Boomrang.
[M] Drop Boomrang.

[F1] Menu Save & Load.
[F2] Save configuration.
[F3] Toogle Music.

3 modes:
No Sound / No Music.
Sound / No Music.
Sound / Music.

[F12] Take screenshot.

[F] Switch Language (French/English).
Candy World Adventures IV: The Mirages of Starfield!
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